No More Water


‘Fascinating yarn set in Turkey detailing the devious way unscrupulous operators profit from water shortages.’

‘Turkey – its landscape, its politics, its people, its struggles – is the focus.’

An environmental thriller set in Istanbul and Madrid in 2002. Nurettin schemes to profit from exploiting Turkey’s control of the water supply into Syria. As support for his plan grows, an aid agency reports on severe drought impacts in Syria, prompting international furore. Turkey sets about exposing the rogue agents and making them disappear…. 


Hugh Arthur has worked and lived in Paris, Istanbul, Madrid, Edinburgh, London and other places. He has travelled extensively in the Middle East. ‘No More Water’ is his first published book.

In ‘No More Water’ ambition, enterprise and fraud collide in secular Istanbul as emerging superpower Turkey turns off the taps…resulting in environmental carnage abroad.

Using friends and acquaintances to fund his Ponzi scheme was never going to satisfy Nurettin’s ambition. He was at constant risk of being exposed by Arzu, his wife, or Jeder, his closest confidant. But, with his star in the ascendant within the business community, a moment of hope arrives. He manages to convince Tulon Holding to support his plan to profit from controlling the water supply downstream from the Euphrates. Just as he proposes to extend the operation further, there is an international outcry against Turkey for the devastation caused by water shortages. With tensions rising, his backers desert him and his serene progress finally begins to unravel….


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