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Here are Hugh Arthur’s most recent publications, activities and interviews:

7th March 2022. Hugh’s 75-word micro fiction ‘Hendlesham Road’ was published on Paragraph Planet. >>

7th October 2020. Hugh’s 75-word micro fiction ‘John Crace returns to Godstow’ was published on Paragraph Planet. >>

11th June 2020. Hugh was interviewed by Whispering Stories, sharing details of his writing life, talking about his book ‘No More Water’ and answering other questions. >>

6th September 2019. Hugh’s interview with Peter Taylor-Whiffen was published in the September 2019 edition of ‘Economia’. Hugh talks about the influences and experiences that helped shape ‘No More Water’. >>

31st July 2019. Hugh appeared on the programme ‘Wendy’s Book Buzz’, broadcast by the Scottish local radio station Mearns FM. He was interviewed by Wendy Jones and talked about the book ‘No More Water’, other books that have influenced him and the reasons why he selected five songs that Wendy played during the one hour show. 

27th April 2019. Hugh Arthur, author of ‘No More Water’, appeared at the 2019 Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival. This Festival is a free public annual event, celebrating books and reading. The venue is about 20 miles north of Bristol, UK.

Here are Hugh’s reflections (published by #HULitFest on 6th July 2019) on that day:-


21st December 2018. Hexford House publishes ‘No More Water’.